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According to the analysis of the NeyroVision service the score is 83 points out of 100 possible, which is high.


This report was generated within the framework of experimental analysis of 1,000,000 sites by the NeyroVision service. It studies the code and the visual component of the site, scans problems and gives recommendations on their elimination.

According to our estimates, most sites get 1-40 points out of 100 (this is 71% of all the sites analyzed by us). This means that most users leave these sites after experiencing inconvenience. Therefore, this kind of sites lose clients , and this means they lose profit .

In this report we have analyzed for errors, and found that its rating is 83 out of 100 points. Below are the details of this assessment and recommendations.


Detailed report and recommendations

Сolor solutions analysis and recommendations

Problem: Colours are too bright

The page is probably using too many different colors. Its design is too colorful, or the images used do not fit the design of the page.

The visitor’s attitude to the site and the impression of the design consist, in particular, of the details, of the visual perception of not only the site as a whole, but also the design of individual interface elements.It is important to comply with the uniform style of web design on all pages of the site and in all its elements, including blocks and buttons. In case of non-compliance with this principle, the site design looks heterogeneous, unprofessional, poorly executed. And this potential client can transmit this emotion to the quality of the company’s work, its services / goods, which will negatively affect sales.

  • Recommendations: change the design of the site so that the principle of color unity is respected on the pages.
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